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Buy Local!

Hello Happy Campers!

It’s been another busy week, but I thought I would take a few minutes to write another eye-opening article to educate you all on the importance of buying your campers, or really anything for that matter, locally.  We will explore the economic and personal implications associated with keeping your purchases local.

While keeping your purchases local is not always easy, especially since the birth of the internet, it is important in this state, and even upstate New York, to support your local businesses to create a positive economic impact in your area.  I was reading an article recently that stated, on average, out of every $100 spent locally, approximately $75 of it continues to get circulated in that community!  Then that $75 gets distributed around the community, then $60, then $50, etc…  In the end, that original $100 purchase turned into a few hundred dollars worth of purchases in your community!  Now, do that thousands of times and tell me it doesn’t add up!  When you shop locally, those businesses shop locally as well and it helps with job creation, infrastructure improvements, etc…  If you drive a few hours to shop for a vehicle or camper you are not doing anything for the community in which you live.  Great, you may save a few bucks (and that’s assuming you actually pay the sale price with no additional fees), but you are not doing your neighbors any favors.  And not only do we spend money locally, we also donate a lot to local charities.  If you think spending your money locally does not matter, remember the facts and figures I just mentioned.

There is also tremendous personal benefit from purchasing your RV locally.  I am not too awfully familiar with other industries, but I’m sure the following applies to those industries as well.  In the RV industry, If you purchase your new camper in Florida, for example, and you live in Vermont, your local dealer for that product in Vermont is not obligated in any way to perform the warranty work on your camper.  Because dealers lose money every time they perform warranty work, it makes no sense to perform that work for customers who bought elsewhere.  So, if you want your camper fixed under warranty, you would have to wait until you make your next trip to Florida, and you’d better pray that the dealership down there has all of the parts you need and the time to fit you into their schedule before you return to Vermont.  When you buy your new RV locally, your local dealer will perform the warranty work and you won’t have to drive for hours to get the work done and worry that the dealership won’t have all the parts.

Again, there are many benefits to buying local.  I hope this article has provided you some insight on the matter and on how buying local is especially important in this industry.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at zack@exit1rv.com or call (802) 265-3400.