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Annual RV Maintenance

Hello all!

In this week’s article, I will be sharing with you some annual maintenance tasks that you SHOULD stay on top of throughout the year.  I will also share some other maintenance tasks that do not necessarily need to be done on a yearly basis, but on a usage basis.  If you religiously maintain your camper by performing these tasks, you can expect a longer usable life out of your camper!


  • Flush antifreeze out of your water lines
  • Check for propane leaks and test all appliances
  • Check tire pressures and lug nuts
  • Check roof membrane and seams for cuts, cracks, etc…
  • Wash roof, reseal seams as needed, and UV protect roof (Can be done in Summer or Fall as well) (Rinse out gutters and UV protect outer wrap of awning fabric as well)
  • Check sealants around windows, entrance and compartment doors, and lights
  • Sanitize fresh water tank and lines (can be done in Summer or Fall as well) (Perform on an as needed basis depending on usage and the quality of the water being used)
  • Lubricate locks, steps, and stabilizer jacks with silicone lubricant (you can also use graphite-based lubricant for the locks)
  • Open awning, clean both sides, and let it dry (Clean on an as needed basis)
  • Check operation of brakes, running lights, and turn signals


  • Rinse undercarriage thoroughly to slow down the progression of rust
  • Wash camper sidewalls (Do this on an as needed basis)
  • Wax sidewalls if you really want to be an over-achiever!
  • Repack wheel bearings (On an as needed basis typically every 3,000 miles) (Can be done in the Spring, Summer, or Fall).
  • Check air conditioner seal to make sure it is tight to the roof and has a slight bulge
  • Make sure to leave refrigerator doors open when not in use
  • Check for potential leaks after heavy rainstorms (Close vent lids when not in use unless you have vent covers)
  • Open windows on sunny days to allow air flow through the camper when not in use


  • Winterize camper with good quality antifreeze (Yes, brand does matter! We carry TRUE -50 and -100 burst protection) (Do NOT put antifreeze in fresh water tank or water heater tank!)
  • Dump wastewater tanks when finished and leave gate valves open all Winter
  • Cover camper with a RV cover (not a tarp!), or try to store inside or under a leanto
  • If you do not cover your camper, make sure to carefully shovel snow off your roof with a plastic shovel without a metal blade. Make sure not to step on any vents, skylights, etc…  Only shovel off when we get large accumulations of wet, heavy snow.
  • Place Sniff n’ Stop pouches throughout camper to keep pests out during the Fall and Winter months.


The points above are certainly a good start to keeping your camper properly maintained.  Obviously, some people will do things differently and may have other procedures that they follow.  If you ever have any questions about proper maintenance procedures, please call me at (802) 265-3400 or email at zack@exit1rv.com


Camp Happy!

Zack Holzworth